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• Pressure Rating: PN16

• UK end connection: BS21 Taper Threaded (ISO7) / BS EN10226-2

• Available with NPT threads, subject to minimum quantities

• Minimizes transmission of vibration and noise

• Absorbs expansion, contraction and misalignment within allowable movements

• Precision moulded of synthetic rubber reinforced with nylon cord

• Can withstand chemical corrosion to resist acid and ozone attack

• Must not exceed allowable movement as per below table

• The Pipes must be properly aligned and anchored prior to installation of flexible connectors

(i.e. flexibles must not bear the weight of the pipes).

• The flexibles should be installed in their ‘relaxed’ state (i.e. not compressed, extended, twisted...etc)

• Other PN pressure ratings available upon request

• Other body material (NBR, Viton..etc) available upon request

Material Specifications

Body: EPDM

Reinforce: Nylon Cord Fabric

Union: Malleable Iron Zinc Plated

Splint: Carbon Steel

Tightwire: Carbon Steel

Screw: Carbon Steel

Ring: Malleable Cast Iron